“Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it’s set a rolling it must increase”
Charles Caleb Colton, 1828

Recent anti-corruption trends in Ukraine require due regard to corruption risks. Companies shall implement efficient compliance risk management programs and instruments. The continued attention of regulatory agensies of Ukraine, management and shareholders requires that such risks be taken seriously. So, at some point, the question is: are existing corruption risk management instruments working effectively?

S&P professionals conduct an exhaustive legal analysis of internal and governance tools, as well as an completeness and effectiveness of prevention, identification and monitoring of corruption risks to help our clients to build an efficient defense against internal corruption.

Review the effectiveness

Creation of "anti-corruption checklists and questionnaires" and analysis of internal procedures for conducting an independent review of the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures

Adoption of procedures

Formation of new or improving existing corruption risk management procedures to minimize the risks, both proactively (by assessing non-obvious risks) and reactively (by conducting an independent investigation of corruption cases)

External investigation

External investigation of corruption cases by conducting an internal regulatory framework review and assessing actions of third parties in accordance with contracts concluded

Evaluation of contracts

Analysis of counterparties' actions (both individuals and legal entities) to evaluate them in an anti-corruption context

Anti-corruption due diligence

We identify potential corruption and legal risks of buyer/successor during the acquisition of a business to assess liability that may arise