The requirements for building an effective compliance model create both opportunities and challenges for businesses. Creation of effective anti-fraud risk management remains a key focus of regulatory activity in Ukraine. But companies must also achieve financial results and increase customer and investor expectations.

In order to remain competitive, each company must build a strategically effective compliance system, with due regard for the sensitive features of the business model.

We are in an era of digital transformation that continues to challenge how all usual aspects of business are conducted. The S&P team successfully integrates the best industry knowledge and years of experience to build truly successful and effective internal fraud prevention models.


A thorough legal analysis of the current internal fraud, compliance and corporate ethics system to identify procedures that are not effective or declarative in nature

Internal control

Assessment of business processes to determine both the actual level of management of anti-fraud procedures and the effectiveness of internal control system in terms of preventing operational risks, including corporate fraud

Procurement control

Procurement fraud can occur in any part of the procurement cycle. There are significant difficulties in assessing the value of procurement fraud (usually the actual loss is much higher than the total contract value). We know how to improve the procurement process so that the risks of corporate fraud will be minimal

Prevention measures

We develop and help to implement a comprehensive corporate fraud prevention system, including corporate codes of conduct and ethics, anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies, procurement policies, whistleblower policies etc.

Staff control

Ensure that staff are aware of corporate fraud risk management procedures and maintain a restraining nature of internal procedures by conducting corporate anti-fraud training and anti-corruption training


We carrying out regular independent evaluation of the effectiveness of risk management, prevention of internal fraud system and corruption procedures to prepare appropriate reports to shareholders or senior management