The requirements for building an effective compliance model create both opportunities and challenges for businesses. While the creation of effective risk management and internal control systems remains a key focus of regulatory activity in Ukraine, companies must also achieve financial results and increase customer and investor expectations.

In order to remain competitive, each company must build a strategically effective compliance compliance system, with due regard for the sensitive features of the business model.

The S&P industry team in Compliance and Regulatory successfully integrates industry knowledge and years of experience to build truly successful and effective compliance models.


We offer our clients a wide range of services to build an effective and adequate compliance model for any company as well as to focus on helping clients become the organization their clients require


We are gradually implementing elements of the transformation agenda, which may include a new compliance monitoring system, anti-corruption model and internal fraud program


To build an effective internal control system, we create new procedures, checklists, internal regulations (procedures, regulations, instructions etc) and provide with the necessary changes to the corporate governance system due to requirements of current legislation


In order to seamlessly implement an effective compliance model, we provide our clients with a new effective decision-making and risk management tools, providing appropriate guidance and plan of actions


Clear roles, responsibilities and rights of the units involved in the compliance system will be aligned with the corporate culture and the company's risk strategy.


We establish sound internal regulatory procedures to measure the effectiveness of a compliance unit, as well as to obtain information that regularly informs senior management on compliance events