Our advantages

20 years of experience

20 years of an absolute priority of client's interests and strict compliance with the highest standards of corporate and legal ethics

20 years of success

We enjoy our high rank among the best representatives of the legal business in Ukraine

20 years of specialization

We specialize in providing professional legal services to financial market participants

Our clients say we are

Highly specialized

S&P is the first law firm in Ukraine specializes on corporate risk management, AML, compliance, anti-fraud, anti-corruption programs and risk due diligence


Your every project will be handled not by lawyers, but specialized attorneys with invaluable legal experience

Client orientated

Reliability. Trust. Coffee. We also provide comfort and effective cooperation with our clients


Professionalism and strong support for legal ethics have let us build long-term partnerships with clients over the past 20 years


We effectively combine our broad expertise and traditions with legal and technological innovations


We limit the number of cases we`re working on. That is why we`re able to provide our clients with the highest standards in risk management and compliance

The best expertise. The best solutions

The company’s ability to adhere to successful development strategy in a current legislative environment is a basis. Many financial companies in Ukraine need a new perspective on how to build their business in the evolving regulatory framework.

S&P is the first bar association in Ukraine that integrates professional legal advice on AML, compliance and internal control system matters, anti-corruption programs and anti-fraud systems, as well as external auditing of control systems for companies of all levels.

Our ability to provide a highly professional legal analysis of the regulatory requirements helps our clients to realize the potential of endless opportunities for conducting profitable and transparent business in Ukraine.