As regulatory compliance consultants, we help our clients always keep up with the pulse of regulatory change that may affect business.

By ensuring that our customers are compliant with the legal and shareholder requirements, we help a business to navigate through opportunities. Using excellent regulatory knowledge and innovative methods, we help our clients anticipate and minimize the most significant business risks in a timely manner.

In order to make sound decisions, both managers and shareholders always need to be sure that the company’s internal contorl system is correct and that the information contained in reports is reliable. Our independent legal analysis of the company’s internal control system is designed to ensure that significant business risks are successfully minimized.

No matter how complex the risk management issues are, we always have enough experience to provide our clients with comprehensive answers. We offer legal analysis of the effectiveness of internal control system and risk management instruments

A separate part of our independent report is the assessment of legal risks to which senior officials are exposed as a result of the lack of effectiveness of risk management instruments, including the internal control system tools

Independent and external audit of internal compliance legal framework is the best way to understand its effectiveness and to ensure it conforms corporate culture and approved risk strategy

Independent assessment of the existing anti-fraud system and preparation of an evaluation report provides confidence to to shareholders and senior managers

Carrying out an independent investigation of corruption signs in the organization by conducting a review of internal regulations and actions of third parties in accordance with the agreements concluded. Providing comprehensive reports to shareholders and senior management on corruption cases

We thoroughly review corporate governance system and prepare professional and effective recommendations to ensure its "real" effectiveness